About Life is Great Media

Life is Great Media is Proud to bring you BELIEVE- The place where you get to make things happen. Have you ever planted a seed in your life that you would hope to grown into an amazing dream? Did you let that dream rot on the vine because you never cared for it, watered it or gave it what it needed to thrive?  Have you ever sat back and watched others realize their dreams and wondered how they get all of the luck and opportunity while you get nothing?  This is how we BELIEVE!  BELIEVE is a show about attacking life and making things happen!  Crossing things off of a bucket list like your in the aisle of a grocery store!

The secret to a fulfilled life has always been, will always be, the ability to BELIEVE.  BELIEVE in yourself, BELIEVE in your kids, BELIEVE in your community and BELIEVE in mankind!

If you are a BELIEVER and are about to make a dream come true or are just underway on a new dream or goal: we want your story! Let our team come along for the ride and be there for you when it all goes down.  Climb the Alps, fly into space, fall in love, eat dinner at the White House, break the world record for the most hot peppers consumed in under 5 minutes?  

What ever the dream or goal, it all started because you BELIEVED.