America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration Thanksgiving Parade is a massive SMASH!!

You don’t have to know me that well to know that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays.  C’mon, just look at me!  It doesn’t take a super sleuth to see that food and I have a nice little thing going!  Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine for other reasons above and beyond that of the caloric intake occurring.  It is the type of holiday in which people can sit back, reflect and be Thankful for what surrounds them.  I have been blessed with a wonderful life!  I have a wonderful family, a deep passion for my work and the faith that on each new day something truly amazing can happen.  Yet, we get caught up in the business of our routines and often deprive ourselves of the best gift of all….The gift of being grateful.  Everyone should take a few minutes out of everyday, to sit back, close their eyes and truly thank God for everything they have.  Feeling grateful for what our lives are all about is so important to achieving absolute happiness.  It can’t be a scene where you think of that your friends have and you don’t or focus on the negatives that each and every person on the Earth has.  Be grateful.  Be thankful.  It’s that easy.  So Thanksgiving is a little reminder to do just that.  It forces us to look at the calendar and realize that we need to go after that exact task!

For the last 10 or so years I have been involved in the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration in one way or another.  It takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving and is quickly becoming the nations number one event relating to Thanksgiving.  That shouldn’t be a surprise as Plymouth Massachusetts is where the Pilgrims landed back in 1620, thus making itself the equivalent of Bethlehem for Christmas!  Plymouth OWNS Thanksgiving and this event gives itself the opportunity to shout that out to the world.  As we gear up for for the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock in 2020, the focus is on bringing a brighter spotlight to everything Plymouth is about.  We are America’s Hometown!  What does that mean?  We’ll we suffer through the same types of things all other cities and towns face.  Obstacles both big and small.  Yet to call ourselves, America’s Hometown…that might be a bit bold…But here’s the thing, being bold is what makes us American.  We have all the same problems as the rest of the country, but we are committed to each and every resident that we will fight, solve and overcome anything that crosses our path.  The story of the Pilgrims is valuable even today.  In the face of every possible obstacle from starvation, disease, climate and persecution, the Pilgrims had one thing that led them to survival.  Faith.  So when they sat to give thanks on that first feast we named Thanksgiving, they praised God for everything they HAD and didn’t dwell on everything they had lost.  That is such a sound lesson to surviving now as it was back in 1620.  We need to focus on what makes us good rather than what we think we are missing.

The video above is a snapshot of all that is good about our lives and this great country.  We celebrated the men and women who serve, the history that makes us who we are and we bring it all home by spending time with our families.  The video shows a community coming together to create something universally loved and appreciated.  750,000 wouldn’t come out to share in this celebration if they didn’t all have those common values linking us together as one.

The America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration is led by Executive Director Olly deMacedo.  One of the things he says each year is that he never had the chance to serve in the Military and felt that this was his chance to do something sacrificial for his country.  A country that his family immigrated to decades earlier from Cape Verde.  His brother Vinny, a State Senator in Massachusetts also feels this obligation to a country that has offered them so much.  An offering that isn’t in the form of a basket of money and promises, but an offering of opportunity.  We are all immigrants and need to be here as caretakers to the experiment of the United States of America.

We hope that as we get closer to 2020 that you become involved in our great celebration. Maybe you will be a visitor, coming to Plymouth MA to merely cross this item off your bucket list.  Maybe you are a business who wants to be a part of the construction of something great.  Maybe this is your opportunity to connect your brand to that of which this holiday stands.  Whatever the reason be sure to ask us how you can get involved.  You can rest comfortably knowing that we will find some place for you and add you to the building blocks of what makes this the greatest Thanksgiving event on the planet Earth!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Holiday season!