America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration Thanksgiving Parade is a massive SMASH!!

You don't have to know me that well to know that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays.  C'mon, just look at me!  It doesn't take a super sleuth to see that food and I have a nice little thing going!  Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine for other reasons above and beyond that of the caloric intake occurring.  It is the type of holiday in which people can sit back, reflect … [Read more...]

Have you ever lived out a scene from one of your favorite movies? My dreams came true on this field for sure!!

It's hard to believe but it has been 25 years since we heard that iconic Hollywood line "If you build it, he will come."  It is one of those lines in which you can say those words and people know exactly what movie you are talking about.  Sort of like, "I am your father!" or "Houston, we have a problem."  Of course the movie is Field of Dreams, staring Kevin Costner, James Earl … [Read more...]

Country Star Jessie Chris has some fun promoting the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration with WCVB, Rising Tide Public Charter School, Life is Great Media and a couple of REALLY talented young performers!!

As most people who know me would say, I am one of the best singers to ever come out of the North East.  My talents in that department go unappreciated most of the time because of things like jealously, envy, and of course, jealously.  So whenever I get the chance to be around talent, I take it!  I have been following the careers of a few locals talents for a long while now. … [Read more...]