Skydive, Fly in an F-15 Fighter and Hit a Home Run at Fenway Park with Life is Great!

Life is Great Media is Proud to bring you BELIEVE- The place where you get to make things happen. Have you ever planted a seed in your life that you would hope to grown into an amazing dream? Did you let that dream rot on the vine because you never cared for it, watered it or gave it what it needed to thrive?  Have you ever sat back and watched others realize their dreams and … [Read more...]

Remax Long Drive Champion Steve Monroe Shows Us It’s Not The Club!

When you travel to Miami there are famous people everywhere basking in the glow of the Florida sunshine and beauty that is South Beach. We travel inland to Miami Beach Golf Club during the DJ Irie Weekend in the hopes of seeing more of the famous. Maybe Jack Nicklaus strolling along the 3rd fairway taking in the architecture of Arthur Hills or Lee Trevino teaching an outside-in … [Read more...]

Corn Dogs, Chicken Fingers, Steak Bomb, Cheeseburgers, Fried Dough and the Blue Angels too much to Handle?

I do a few things very well.  Trivia Crack, (a dumb app for your iPhone, holding my breath underwater and eating large quantities of food.  However after you watch this experience at the New England Air Show in Westover MA you might think that I am a little over confident in the competitive eating department.  In retrospect, I look like that depressing athlete who didn't know … [Read more...]

Former New England Patriot Matt Light hosts Fool’s Night Out at Foxboro Stadium. He’s Hilarious!

A lot of people would be less surprised if I told them I was a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader than a stand up comedian!  But it's true- No I didn't cheer for Dallas but I had the chance to experience what it is like to live and dream like a stand up comic back in the 90's/ Stand up comedy is unique to all other art forms.  It typically is the one medium in which people are … [Read more...]