Matt Light Celebrity Shoot Out

The Matt Light Foundation hits the target again! The foundation has a huge turnout for it's Celebrity Shoot Out including many former and current New England Patriots like Dan Koppen and Rob Ninkovich. Comedians Lenny Clarke and Tony V try their luck against some of the Patriots defenders at the range. Come along with Chuck Nilosek and Life is Great Media for an exciting Ride! … [Read more...]

Rohan Marley Invites Us Into His NYC Home For More Conversation

One of the traits that you can't deny when you are in the presence of Rohan Marley is just how important family is.  It is safe to assume that from just about all of us, family will be at the top of most of our lists.  That goes without saying.  However for Rohan, keeping your roots healthy isn't just something that is done to ensure the highest quality coffee bean, its an … [Read more...]

Hang 10 with Heisman Trophy Winner Doug Flutie in This Florida Surfing Community.

The biggest crime in all of humanity is how we lose that childhood spirit more and more everyday as we age.  Does it erode due to the beatings we take from life?  We are bombarded with messages like "Grow up" or "Act Mature"...we are all guilty of this with our kids right?  "You are old enough to know better?"  "Don't act like a child?"... Sadly I think we're doing something … [Read more...]