At the Bob Marley Compound in Kingston Jamaica Chuck Learns About Growing up Marley with Rohan Pt. 3 of 3

As the plane lifted off I began to think of all the luxurious things I would see as I journeyed to the topical paradise of Jamaica. I had been to just about all of the islands, so finally getting to the place that is listed number two in in the Beach Boys song Kokomo, seemed to be a big deal. On the flight over I sat with a native Jamaican who worked for the department of … [Read more...]

What the Miami Heat DJ Taught Me About My Business – Stacey Alcorn

I recently interviewed DJ Irie, the official DJ for the Miami Heat. He's an amazing entrepreneur, visionary, philanthropist and DJ. I'm still working on the article about him, but needed to take a quick time-out from that article to write this one. He helped me realize an important lesson about my business as owner of one of the largest real estate firms in Massachusetts. It's … [Read more...]

DJ Irie Weekend Celebrities Music & Passion Miami South Beach 2015

Chuck HUSTLES Marshawn Lynch.....oops.... So Irie Weekend is littered with the most talented performers, the most decorated actors and usually the most bad ass athletes that ever laced them up on the court or field!  So it wouldn't be a surprise to see someone like Marshawn Lynch at the tee box getting ready to hit a bomb down the fairway!  This was good time for me to do … [Read more...]

Skydive, Fly in an F-15 Fighter and Hit a Home Run at Fenway Park with Life is Great!

Life is Great Media is Proud to bring you BELIEVE- The place where you get to make things happen. Have you ever planted a seed in your life that you would hope to grown into an amazing dream? Did you let that dream rot on the vine because you never cared for it, watered it or gave it what it needed to thrive?  Have you ever sat back and watched others realize their dreams and … [Read more...]

Remax Long Drive Champion Steve Monroe Shows Us It’s Not The Club!

When you travel to Miami there are famous people everywhere basking in the glow of the Florida sunshine and beauty that is South Beach. We travel inland to Miami Beach Golf Club during the DJ Irie Weekend in the hopes of seeing more of the famous. Maybe Jack Nicklaus strolling along the 3rd fairway taking in the architecture of Arthur Hills or Lee Trevino teaching an outside-in … [Read more...]