Country Star Jessie Chris has some fun promoting the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration with WCVB, Rising Tide Public Charter School, Life is Great Media and a couple of REALLY talented young performers!!

As most people who know me would say, I am one of the best singers to ever come out of the North East.  My talents in that department go unappreciated most of the time because of things like jealously, envy, and of course, jealously.  So whenever I get the chance to be around talent, I take it!  I have been following the careers of a few locals talents for a long while now.  One young lady by the name of Emily Hodges has developed into a fantastic talent in what seemed like a short period of time!  I know her family would say that it took years of hard work and music lessons, but on my end, I saw a little kid in diapers, then all of a sudden she is grown up and singing like an angel!  Time is REALLY passing me by folks.  I’m not doing well with it.  Another your woman who is crushing it with her incredible talents is Sydney Phaneuf.  I actually met her as a walk on to the Rising Tide Women’s Varsity Basketball team I coach.  She NEVER played before, and walked into that gym with a fire and determination to learn and succeed.  It wasn’t until she was sitting outside waiting for her Mom to pick her up that I heard her true talents of music, when she pulled out her guitar and began to sing.  My amazing daughter Maddie and I stood there in awe, as she sang both softly and with purpose out there in the night cold.  Now doing what I do, I am always looking to bring talent into the fold, not as some charitable nice guy who is trying to help everyone out..(Although it’s a nice thought!)…I am an opportunist who sees new talent like a $50 dollar bill on the sidewalk, waiting to be discovered. I know that sounds arrogant that only I discover these talents and without me they would have never made it, but when you have the ego of someone like me, it takes a mindset like this to just exist each day!  On a serious note, I knew that they needed to be put into the same room with others who have made it or are enjoying the climb.  So now, Jessie Chris.  I wish I could say I was the one who heard her sing in some orphanage and then adopted her like Sandra Bullock did for that NFL player in the Blindside.  Nope.  It was Jeff Gulko who found her and is in the process of launching her into the upper echelons of country music.

During my time working for the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration Committee, I was asked to produce a series of short, creative promos that the local ABC affiliate, WCVB could use to tease their appearance as Grand Marshals of the Thanksgiving Parade.  I knew I had to ask Jessie Chris to come down to Rising Tide Public Charter School of Plymouth, to meet these other aspiring talents, and shoot the promo.  We had a great time and it can be seen in this video.  Enjoy!!