Hang 10 with Heisman Trophy Winner Doug Flutie in This Florida Surfing Community.

The biggest crime in all of humanity is how we lose that childhood spirit more and more everyday as we age.  Does it erode due to the beatings we take from life?  We are bombarded with messages like “Grow up” or “Act Mature”…we are all guilty of this with our kids right?  “You are old enough to know better?”  “Don’t act like a child?”…

Sadly I think we’re doing something wrong here.  Losing that childhood innocence and spirit is not good! Meeting Doug Flutie last year taught me a lot….The guy is in his 50’s and acts like he is 12 years old!  Not in a bad way! Remember, I think the world has conditioned us to think that acting 12 is bad!  Doug got to where he is in life because he liked to play.  He loved baseball, football, basketball and honestly, any type of competition where he could beat someone.  His size always appeared to be a disadvantage yet he made it his biggest weapon.  He reached the pinnacle of sports in many aspect and still has that childhood fire burning in him today.  That is evident if you just spent 15 minutes with the guy.  Friends of his say that he would get as fired up in a co-ed league softball game as he would of in a NFL Playoff game.  The stakes are just as high.  You either win or you lose. His childhood glow came out the most when we sat on his couch, relaxing, looking out onto the water.  He invited us to come down courtesy of his good friend and ours Jayme Parker, to do some surfing and paddle boarding.  Yet the Ocean waters were as still as Ansel Adams photograph.  We learned a valuable production lesson that day however, if you plan to do a shoot where mother nature is part of the action, then you better have a few back up plans.  Our flights were the next day and we needed to shoot no matter what.  Anyway, as we sat there on the couch, I was in-between stages of nodding off from the long few days of work and the excitement of being just a few feet away from an actual Heisman Trophy and the New England hero who won it!  I recall looking over at Doug as he gazed intently on the Melbourne Florida waters.  He was ready to ponce once a swell or ripple caught his eye.  I’m not sure how long I was out, but it couldn’t been more than a matter of seconds.  I looked at him, fell asleep, woke up, and he was gone!  Within that 15 second span, he saw what he wanted and was out on the water like nothing I had ever seen!  Which is accurate because I DID NOT see it!  Maybe it was the legend of Flutie that impressed me, but even at his age, I am certain that he could scramble, outrun and elude most defensive backs in the NFL today!

I wish we stayed in tough as we had some big plans! He seemed really into what the whole Life is Great message was….living everyday like it matters!   He wanted to take jet skis to the Bamahas for the show!  A 90 mile adventure on Jet Skis!  This wasn’t just a silly idea either….He had all of the details worked out, all the way down to who was going to be our open water mechanic if the ski broke down.  By the way he selected one of our Life is Great Business VIP’s, John Young from Compass Boat & Yacht.

The long of the short of it was that I had an amazing time. I have met a lot of celebs, athletes and famous people.  Most don’t impress.  Doug Flutie did.  He is down to Earth yet out of this world all at the same time.  Enjoy the video and hopefully there will be more to come.