Plymouth’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is Bigger Than Ever! Join us in Downtown Plymouth!

 Chuck Nilosek and the Life is Great Media team joined up with the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration Group to assist them in taking this wonderful New England institution into the digital age.  Many of the video shoots Life is Great Media produces are designed to introduce people from around the world to our spectacular event here in Plymouth MA.  As many know, Plymouth Massachusetts is the birthplace of Thanksgiving and the spot of the first American Settlement. (Sorry Jamestown!)  The Pilgrims landed here, on Plymouth Rock (As the legend says…) back in 1620.  I know what you math geeks are thinking…yup…we are about to hit a pretty big milestone!  The town of Plymouth, which has officially been titled “America’s Hometown” is gearing up for its 400th birthday in the year 2020!  A big piece of advice I would like to offer here is that you STAY connected to Life is Great Media for all of you Plymouth 400 NEWS and NOTES!  You won’t want to miss out on all the historic fun!  So stay linked with us!!!