Hang 10 with Heisman Trophy Winner Doug Flutie in This Florida Surfing Community.

The biggest crime in all of humanity is how we lose that childhood spirit more and more everyday as we age.  Does it erode due to the beatings we take from life?  We are bombarded with messages like "Grow up" or "Act Mature"...we are all guilty of this with our kids right?  "You are old enough to know better?"  "Don't act like a child?"... Sadly I think we're doing something … [Read more...]

Former New England Patriot Matt Light hosts Fool’s Night Out at Foxboro Stadium. He’s Hilarious!

A lot of people would be less surprised if I told them I was a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader than a stand up comedian!  But it's true- No I didn't cheer for Dallas but I had the chance to experience what it is like to live and dream like a stand up comic back in the 90's/ Stand up comedy is unique to all other art forms.  It typically is the one medium in which people are … [Read more...]